Introducing Plantago Major Oil

Plantago Major oil is a topical skin healer that releaves and soothes skin irritations, including eczema, rashes, dry and itchy skin as well as bites, stings, scrapes and burns. Plantago Major oil is a concentrated herb remedy made with hand harvested Plantain that helps heal and repair skin tissue. This is a perfect medicine to accompany you while out on the land, living, harvesting, playing, adventuring, caring, nurturing. And also great to have in your home as a go-to remedy and skincare medicine.

Reclaim Your Primal Nature

When you apply this magical green medicine, all senses return to the Earth; the vibrancy of the colour pulls magic from the land back to your earth body and fills your pores with rejuvenated tissue healing. The odor is natural from the Earth, clean and powerful. When you apply, it feels as though you are returning to the Earth and becoming the Earth once again; it is so instinctual to apply, breathe, and be. It is grounding, soothing, and ancestrally healing.

Locally Hand Harvested & Made

Plantago Major Oil has been locally hand harvested on Kabaowek Territories, Mattawa, Ontario, processed and prepared in small batches with respect, care, love, and deep healing intentions.

Plantago Major Oil is available while supplies last.

All Black-Indigenous-People of Color Please inquire for sliding scale option. 



Vibrant Green




30 ml

Featuring Maison Orphée

Sunflower Oil has many therapeutic properties for all skin types as it is rich in omega-9 essential fatty acids and vitamin E.

The Organic unrefined Sunflower Oil used in IamMeeshaa Plantago Major Oil has been produced in the Netherlands and crafted by Maison Orphée in Québec. 


Apply directly to the affected area: bite, sting, rash, eczema, burn, dry skin, itchy skin, or other irritation. Massage into skin until fully absorbed. Plantago Major Oil is a highly concentrated blend of potent Plantain Herb. The color is dark green, almost black green. It is important to deeply massage Plantago Major Oil into the skin not to stain clothes or sheets. Once the skin fully absorbs, it will not stain clothes.

Where to Find IamMeeshaa Plantago Major Oil?

You can find IamMeeshaa Plantago Major Oil at Blendz Coffee Shop & Healthy Market in Northbay, Ontario, where they sell a variety of Plant-based health food products and delicious Sushi Rolls; bowls, and Smoothies! It is my favorite place to eat in town, and I highly recommend a visit! My favorite combo to order is the Korean Sushi bowl with spicy mayo as well as the Funky Monkey Smoothie. The bowls are filling, and smoothies are thick, and all plant-based!

The Work Shoppe

You can also find IamMeeshaa Plantago Major Oil at The Work Shoppe in North Bay, Ontario, a beautiful new store that has opened that showcases local artists, artisans, and creatives from the area. There is a variety of crafts and endeavors from bath and body products, home decor, and seasonal gifts. It is a wonderful store to support local creatives. They also host weekly events and workshops, bringing people together to discover arts and crafts and different creative expressions. 

IamMeeshaa Creations

We have a select variety of creations solar infusing seasonally in small batches. Check out our store to see what is in stock!

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