Reiki Healing


Reiki heeling. Just as the name states its a form of energy heeling, so the first time I encountered with such an experience was through my good friend Johanna. It was just an ordinary day talking of the normal things when i told her about an injury i heard. Since i was not the kind of a person who likes hospital or medicine she offered an alternative treatment. She went and prepared the place that she can perform her Reiki. The experience was beyond what I expected as i was one with mother nature. I vividly so mybody and her body in a light clear environment as the breeze from the cold environment cascaded through my body mind you it wasn’t cold but on a sunny warm day. The scent of whatever she was using nocked me to another dimension. Her touches not that she was physically touching me ment that we were connected far away from this world. To make my experience short she did an amazing job that coming back to the real world took me a “minute”. And the pain was reduced almost gone

-Kennaida Ngugi