Hair & Skin Food

IamMeeshaa Hair & Skin Food are made on a by order basis. They are made with full love and presence and healing intentions in per person size batches. Each batch is a little different and unique in its own medicinal way.

Hair Moisturizer

It has taken a lot of time to get to a healthy relationship and routine with my hair growing up without access or knowledge to meet my hair care needs. This product is made in reclamation of my relationship with my afro-caribbean hair to promote sovereignty, growth, love, care and heal.  When I use it is a full medicine to reconnection and self worth. This hair moisturizer is created by hand with love, intuition and knowing with intention for deep healing, connection and growth.  It is packed with nutrient dense herbs, butters, and oils. This product is for B-I-POC hair and folks to give space and recognition to our unique hair care needs and have accessible medicine and protection.

Photo Credit: Georgia Van Schie



Muscle Rub & Moisturizer

This is a wonderful all natural muscle rub with the unique feature of at the same time moisturizing the skin! This blend also includes my favorite wild Flower Arnica. The rub helps with inflammation and sore muscles. It also smells incredible! Created by hand with love and with respect.



Certifications and apprenterships

Additionally I am a student Herbalist at Indigi Golden Herbal Academy

As Brown, Black, & Indigenous People of color, the message is being heard loud and clear. We must support businesses, companies, healing facilities, etc. owned by people who look like us and who have similar morals, ethics, and beliefs as we do. Marginalized communities are often forced to support larger corporations that are not always completely literate in terms of health and wellness necessities & we are paying for this. Medicine holder, herbalist, teacher, birth worker, and Indigenous reclaiming activist, Jenelyse aka Ifarike Ajoke has created a platform for BBIPOC to support one another and learn from one another, the rites and passages of becoming and maintaining our ancestral reverence. “