IamMeeshaa Organic Plantago Major Oil


Color: Vibrant Green
Odor: Earth
Size: 30 ml

Plantago Major oil is a topical skin healer that releaves and soothes skin irritations, including eczema, bites, and stings. This is a perfect medicine to accompany you while out on the land, living, harvesting, playing, adventuring, caring, nurturing. And also great to have in your home as a go-to remedy and skincare medicine.

When you apply this magical green medicine, all senses return to the Earth; the vibrancy of the colour pulls magic from the land back to your earth body and fills your pores with rejuvenated tissue healing. The odor is natural from the Earth, clean and powerful. When you apply, it feels as though you are returning to the Earth and becoming the Earth once again; it is so instinctual to apply, breathe, and be. It is grounding, soothing, and ancestrally healing.

Plantago Major Oil has been locally hand harvested, processed and prepared in small batches with respect, care, love, and deep healing intentions.

Plantago Major Oil is available while supplies last.

Ingredients: Plantago Major, Organic Unrefined Sunflower Oil, alcool.

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