Joh & Hannah

Full Body Harmony

Indulge in Full Self Harmony


Johanna and Hannah are best friends passionate about self-healing. Over their many years of sisterhood, they have had the honour to be a part of one another’s journeys to reclaiming self-empowerment and living sovereignty. Johanna and Hannahs’s lives parallel on many fronts allowing them to mirror understanding, connection, guidance, and purpose.

When they are together, they ignite each other’s fire and are a powerful duo. Joh & Hannah come together to share a full body harmonization working together to clear energetic blockages. They share energy therapy as a source of healing, connection, and clearing. They specialize with people working through healing intergenerational trauma and grief stored within the body, mind, and spirit. They combine practices for a powerful session that includes tea, breathwork, meditation, sound healing, aromatherapy, and reiki energy healing. The intention is for one to indulge in rejuvenating and cleansing one’s whole body’s energetic centers and reclaim connection to self, creativity, and peace.  

Hannah also offers indivial offerings including photography, paint and meditation. For more information visit: