coming to life

With Death

Death, I am only recently acknowledging, has been a consistent part of my life. Each experience so painful on their own; it took me until losing what I considered everything to acknowledge and face death in life head on. 

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Grieving Support

These are some books that helped me while I was moving through the depths of grief and loss.

The Gene Keys

“Our true nature is wildness, and it is this wildness that scares people. The moment you think you have pinned life down, it mutates. We humans are in a deep process of transcending the mental game of trying to understand life. The ancient Indian Sages called the world we inhabit maya –an illusion. Our problem has always been that we try to understand this maya through an instrument (the mind) bound by laws that prevent true understanding.”
-Richard Rudd (Gene Keys)

The Untethered soul

You live in the seat of consciousness. A true spiritual being lives there, without effort and without intent. Just as you effortlessly look outside and see all that you see, you will eventually sit far enough back inside to see all your thoughts and emotions, as well as outer form. All these objects are in front of you. The thoughts are closer in, the emotions are a little further away, and form is way out there. Behind it all, there you are. You go so deep that you realize that’s where you’ve always been. At each stage of your life you have seen different thoughts, emotions, and objects pass before you. But you have always been the conscious receiver of all that was. 

Now you are in the center of consciousness . You are behind every thing, just watching. That is your true home. Take everything else away and you’re still there, aware that everything is gone. 


-Michael A. Singer 

Becoming SuperNatural

In the short term, all organisms can tolerate adverse conditions by fighting, hiding, or fleeing from an impending stressor. All of us area built for dealing with short-term bursts of stress. When the event is over, the body normally returns to balance within hours, increasing its energy levels and restoring its vital resources. But when the stress doesn’t end within hours, the body never returns to balance. In truth, no organism in nature can endure living in emergency mode for extended periods of time.
Because our large brains, human beings are capable of thinking about their problems, reliving past events, or even forecasting future worst-case situations and thus turning on the cascade of stress chemicals by thought alone. We can knock our brains and bodies out of normal physiology just by thinking about an all-too-familiar past or trying to control an unpredictable future.
Every day, Anna relived that event over and over in her mind. What she didn’t realize was that her body did not know the difference between the original event that created the stress response and the memory if the event, which created the same emotions as the real-life experience all over again. Anna was producing the same chemistry in her brain and body as if the event were actually happening again and again.


– Dr. Joe Dispenza


The Four Agreements

He wanted to remember all the visions he had had, so he decided to call himself the Smokey Mirror so that he would always know that matter is a mirror and the smoke in-between is what keeps us from knowing what we are. He said, ” I am the Smokey Mirror, because I am looking at myself in all of you, but we don’t recognize each other because of the smoke in-between us. That smoke is the Dream, and the mirror is you, the Dreamer.


– Don Miguel Ruiz