My Inspiration

I transitioned through childhood, teenhood, and adulthood with Meeshaa. Over the years of true best-friendship, she remained my inspiration for what it meant to stand in strength, confidence, and love. Meeshaa was my sense of home; she was my safe place and my healer. In her senior years, I would ask her in tears to stay as long as she could because I would miss her too much if she left. The day I found out, in my devastation, I arrived home expecting to be further destroyed. When I saw her and put my hand on her, I knew at that moment that she was not gone. I could feel her everywhere for the rest of always.

“To look into the eyes of a Wolf is to see your own soul”

-Aldo Leopold

Meeshaa is the source of big feminine energy; she embodies pure strength, moves with joy and playfulness, communicates through her eyes, nurtures every wound. She holds space for vulnerability, for raw expression, for full acceptance and unconditional love. She is the inspiring mother protector at the front line of all difficulty; she carries me on her back when I can no longer fly, she reminds me that it is okay to rest, that my fragility is not a weakness, that I am everything I see in her that I Am Meeshaa.