Entry from my journal back in February 2022. ” Today I did some experimenting and playing with the creation of my next creation that has been brewing the past 5 months Theobroma Cacao Oil it was alchemized on the full moon equinox. This oil is inspired by the feminine jouney to opening and reconnecting to sacred sexuality and sensuality and full body connection and expression. Opening with myself has been one of the most expansive expereinces to learn to bring myself to orgasmic realms has been the greatest liberation for me in coming home to my sovereignty and knowing myself and releasing all conditionings, shame, stigmas,  and violence towards my body and beauty and power.

Opening with another is a whole other thing. it takes time, safety and trust. to show yourself and reveal yourself intimately is so sacred and beautiful wild, inate, primal and natural but I know for me it comes in stages of welcoming, honoring, and trusting a new partner to see, and feel and be with me in unison.

Opening is so vulnerable and so beautiful when that trust and desire to learn and connect with one another is truly there it is magical. Cacao oil helps me on the path to opening. it is a sensual medicine that helps me breathe, connect with my senses, and explore the realms of sexual liberation. It is a medicine for connection first and foremost with self and then beyond.

I hope this oil invites you to play and experiment too 😉


Have fun,