When I harvest each piece of Plantain, I connect with the earth; I ground, I am present. I observe its surroundings, its growth, I notice the changes within the earth floor as I harvest the speed at which they regrow becomes faster. The smaller plantain pieces hold the most potent medicine. We speak together and listen together. There is energy of clarity, excitement and creation.

When I dry the Plantain, I observe the pieces deeper and accompany them through the process of changing forms from wet to dry from leaf to powder. Then the most magical part for me is adding the oil. This alchemy is so profound to see the powder absorb and ingest the oil through its pores and particles and merge forms into a new and sacred earth liquid.

When I look into the jars, I see the galaxy; the galactic proportions of Plantago major interconnecting magic with sunflower dancing and sunbathing. It is a world of its own, it is deep and intriguing, and inviting. I stare in through all these magical particles and then eventually I see myself. my eyes looking back.

When I stare into the jars, I see the depth to this healing world, the vast sea of healing. It is just as natural to look at the Plantain in the earth than it is to look at the Plantain each of its new forms as though it knows the exact process the exact procedures.

Some time long ago, when an ancestor deeply connected with Plantago, they found this formula together. To work and breathe together with the full potential of their interconnected healing abilities. To support each other in this transformation and expansion of healing abilities through alchemy that requires connection and closeness and deep listening. I tune into this as I accompany Plantain along this remembered path of transitioning, transforming, expanding, and growing to share this healing with those who would liek to receive. I feel into the magic that has come from this process being learned and passed down and I to remember and instinctually and intuitively follow along hand in hand with Plantain as we travel this passage together.

When the green Gaia Mother Earth juice poors from the cloth into its final jars there is a deep celebration. I feel the interconnected Plantain all around in cheer we have crossed the passage of earth to medicine for earth skin. We have created the juice of life that Plantain has to offer and share and deliver to its earth friends to help them in their healing. In this moment, there is celebration from all of my guides and ancestors in this moment; there is alignment, there is connection, there is joy.

It is my greatest accomplishment to accompany Plantain on this journey and to reclaim my ancestral knowings and intuitive practices of connecting with plants and alchemizing medicine and healing together.

When the green juice is applied to my earth skin I observe I remember this is just like when the powder first absorbed the oil it is deep it is natural it is the next stage of alchemy and reconnection. The sacred earth liquid meet the sacred earth body.

There is a deep and proud feeling this is an accomplishment and success and a beautiful experience, celebrartion, dance; medicine is life giving I feel its galactic dance and sun bathing nourish my skin and enter into my skin to its new home a part of me where it can grow anew within my being, the cycle is fulfilled.

The green juice speaks volumes of ancestral healing. It is the reclamation of a deep yearning, and knowing I have been reconnecting with it is a right of passage to a lineage of harvesting, making, and creating, and sharing medicine. It is Plantago Major Healing Oil. It is the cycle of life. We have always been the wild flowers.