Healing displacement wounds

& Grounding with Plantain

I remember to look between my toes, to look deeper between the familiar strands of grass, and I find my home. I find my yearning. I find my peace. Plantain has been at my childhood toes in my family’s yard; for decades, growing humbly and wildly, watching me grow and move through life.
I see again the Plantain that has always seen me. To spend time together is my greatest honour; I feel like I do when I am with my Grandmother, as though I am traveling back in time to the 1950s, sourcing stamina and determination from and for millennia, embracing and recalling our connection. For myself, what makes the most sense right now is to be on the land to feel the earth on my toes and to take the time to remember piece by piece. To touch and hold and connect with each Plantain, to feel its life force energy transform and transmute and transcend, to learn with it in observation, in creation, in dream, in touch, in skin. This Plantain knows my full life history from this lifetime; its roots have held me, and from beyond, they have guided me. The past two years have given me the opportunity to look at my discomfort around being or feeling safe or secure in one place for long, and time again choosing to avoid settling or unpacking into a home. It has given me the opportunity to look at the intergenerational patterns of displacement that my being holds: always moving, having to leave, not being safe or wanted, needing to run away, knowing that within a certain amount of time, a place is no longer safe, being a constant guest not wanting to overstay their visit. It has been harder and harder to move, yet I have found ways, but the time has allowed me to reflect. Plantain has come into my life in a profound way they have been helping me ground, be present and learn to regulate my nervous system without my regular coping mechanism of leaving or running. To instead find routine and structure and build a grounded and resilient foundation.