This summer 2020 my best plant friend was Arnica. I had the honour of spending spring and summer in open landscapes of blooming yellow wild flower. I would walk for hours in awe of her beauty and often sit and stare in long and deep silent conversations with her. I could see the earth through her petals, the afterlife through her essence, my reflection through her heart centre. I would watch spirit love travel down her stem into her roots to vibrate and mirror all around through the hundreds of her bright eyes. Through speaking with her in silence music would come to my ears and some how magically words to a soon to be poetry book became clear. Her yellow shine soothed my soul with gentle and soft healing, we moved slowly and danced softly to open to the profound subtleties. she shared with me wisdom to her heart of expansive yellow gold and her life cycle of growth. She guided me to regain my footing and embody and see from the eyes of her flower and the heart of her roots. She is the wild flower I have been drawing for years guiding me and helping me grow. She is a nourishing part of me to which I am forever grateful it was beautiful to watch her grow and blossom and I look forward to her next rebirth yet I know she is in peace and freedom through all her cycles.

I am really enjoying learning about the doctrine of signatures and really appreciated Jenelyse sharing about various plant allies. I’m loving the thoughts and memories that are returning to me specifically from a beautiful yellow wild flower I became very close with this summer and that helped me immensely with my healing. I decided to do some research on this plant inspired by the readings and found out its name was arnica cordifolia also known as heart leaf.¬† im blown away by how beautiful it is that nature really connects you with the medicine you need when you need it; at the time I had no idea of this flowers name but its presence and essence was giving me the exact medicine and healing I needed I spent the spring and summer with it and watched them bloom and blossom. its very cool to learn how everything is connected to have made that happen from its environment which was in the mountains which the doctrine is sharing often helps with dis-eases in the lungs, the lungs store grief in the body. from its leaves shaped as heart the doctrine shares what the leaves are shaped like often helps with that specific organ in the body. In retrospect I really see the magic of this all come together this heart shaped leaf really helped me with a lot of heart and grief healing. I really like how Jenelyse invited referring to these plant friends as allies and this is definitely an allie and deep friend. its beautiful to open the door to deeper connection and understanding of one another and piecing all these parts together. I look forward to learning more on the doctrine of signatures and for our class¬† there is already such a wealth of knowledge being shared and I am incredibly grateful.