In 2019 after my partner died and 3 months of bed rest my best friend bought me a ticket to Guadeloupe. The home lands immediately started bringing me back to life with sunshine, plants and fruits. but a deep grief still consumed my daily lifelihood. I had been in a car crash about a week before flying from crying and driving. So a couple weeks into my trip I was still quite sore and stiff so I bought a session with an Osteopath.

The osteopath told me my chest was so contracted I wasn’t breathing properly and had to crack my diaphragm. I didn’t even know this was possible. the osteopath had no idea of my personal story or anything about me but said normally this only happens with people experincing deep sadness, the grief in stored in the lungs. This physical crack to my rib cage was my first breath of release the sadness could come out a little easier without constricting my whole body into numbness and bed rest. it felt good to get out and get some fresh air.

One evening I joined my dad out for some Nutella crepes and I sat on a chair numbered 7. A couple people were talking to me but I was really closed and not interested in any exchanges. then this one person heard that I was a journalist and worked in the field I was writing about which at the time was energy. I was writing on solar energy in Guadeloupe. This persons name is Samuel Pharaon, he introduced himself that he works in the field of energy and asked if he could sit down to discuss more, intrigued I agreed. We spoke for a while on solar energy plants across the island then he shared that not only that but he also works with energy as a healing modality.

That guadeloupe is a cosmo-terrique energy centre and the energies are powerful and healing when calibrated. he told me he was a reiki practitioner. intrigued I had never heard about this before I asked him to go on. he was explaining how it helps release stagnant energy and pain within the body. I shared that I had just had an osteopath session and that this would complement it very well and that I would love to try a session.

Fast forward about a week and I had my first reiki session and my life expanded beyond words. the experience was night and day. I went from really really struggling entirely consumed by grief and honestly not really wanting to be here at all and not seeing the point to a full on new perspective on life seeing the beauty everywhere, wanting to hear laughter, since with the birds, hug the trees and be kissed by the sun. life felt good again, everything felt like medicine the good food, the good books, the good energy was surrounding me and I was acknowledging it and daily it was really helping me. I would still cry and mourn and hurt but I began to get a handle on it and transform it. 

I began to listen to grief, it words, its song, its tears, I listened deeply. I began to write poetry, I began to sing. I began to see the world even more differently it was hard to keep up. I began to see magic. I could speak with Cody at an ever deeper level. I fell in love with the magic of reiki and it brought me back to life in a way that not only could I survive but I could live. 

Samuel caught on that this was a very important connection for me and really experienced the life changing experience this gave me. A couple weeks later he gave me my first reiki attunement and For the next 3 months mentored me in my connection to the deep realm of reiki energy healing. Naturally in exchange in exchange I created a website for him and helped him with his social media pages and his business began expanding in beautiful and just amazing ways, we were living on a high of the potency of reiki and the potency of sharing and exchange. I learned so much in those 3 months on how reiki is ancestrally and inately within me and us on how as a Guadeloupean lineage of Queens and Goddess’s; embracing my culture brings me closer and closer to our heritage of magic, energy healing and connection. Ancestrally, we learned to heal ourselves with our hands when everything was taken from us and all we had were our hands. this has been passed down to me by my Guadeloupean family and community and it is my greatest super power.

I came home to Canada at the start of the pandemic and became officially certified. I then spent the summer on a pilgrimage living reiki, connecting deeper and deeper with my reiki practice and learning this super power, I connected with my food, the flowers, the trees and my self with energy healing as foundation to each interaction. People began coming to me and I would share reiki healing sessions for them. I started practicing and it attracted more and more people. I spent a year indulging in the initial attunements of reiki level I and sharing with people this gift, learning its super power and medicine. In January 2021 fully comfortable in the integration of reiki level I, I began the process of expanding my reiki abilities with the reiki level II certifications and focusing on establishing as a professional practitioner. 

The Return to Innocence: This is what I wrote after my first Session as a testimonial for Samuel who can be connected with at @spiritbodyquartz on instagram.

Après ma première séance de reiki, ma vie a changer. J’ai été débarrassé des blocages du chakra du cœur et de la gorge qui faisaient partie de mes traits d’identification humaine que j’ai attachés à me restreindre tout au long de divers voyages de guérison. Enfin je suis arrivé à une compréhension et une résurrection où la libération de tous les attachements à la souffrance est devenue cruciale pour une expansion évolué.

Ayant utilisé la plupart des ressources à ma disposition, il était incroyable de me connecter avec Samuel et de voir ses dons soutenir mon expansion et permettre un nettoyage final des énergies toxiques anciennes et stagnantes.

Après la session, je me sentais déconnecté de tout, avec une sensation de n’avoir aucune émotion particulière et une ardoise vierge. Je me suis retrouvé avec des souvenirs des émotions et des mécanisme d’adaptation don j’ai utiliser pour survive dans les cycle de souffrance. Au début, cela m’a apporté une immense confusion car j’étais détaché de toutes mes souffrances , mais mon corps imitait toujours ce qu’il utilisait auparavant comme un faux moyen de maintenir la solidité. Mon corps étais perdu dans un nouveau état d’être en sécurité.

Le repos a permis au processus de transmutation d’avoir lieu où j’ai commencé à comprendre que la transcendance se produit en deux étapes: se déconnecter de la peur de laisser aller la douleur et la souffrance, puis ensuite, accepter d’abandonné les mémoires de réaction de victime et permettre les changements qui se manifestent sans résistance.

Mon expérience de guérison énergétique avec Samuel m’a permis de transcender la tendance à se fermer et à s’étendre davantage vers le chemin spirituel de la non-résistance, de la liberté de l’âme et du bonheur inconditionnel et surtout de la connection à l’infinie de la circulation d’énergie.

 Dans les jours qui ont suivi, j’ai prêté une attention particulière aux signes de l’univers et celui qui semblait apparaître était la présence d’experience directe avec les taureaux (un nouvel animal avec lequel je n’avais pas encore établi de connexion au paravant). Les taureaux mon introduit à une nouvelle forme de force que je voyais en eux qui m’a inspirer et donné une nouvelle forme d’énergie et de résilience à appliquer dans ma vie.

Éventuellement mon corps a choisi d’accepter le cheminement que je l’ai permis et c’était un soulagement incomparable, un retour à l’authenticité de mon âme qui ma manquer depuis un long moment. La reconnection essentiel entre corps (chakras debloqué) et âme m’a permis de tomber en amour avec le bien-être de la simplicité de cette vie: la présence, la nature, les animaux et les fruits du pays. Mes yeux son ouvert à la beauté et la joie des être de ce monde. Mes oreille son ouvert à la musique de la terre, le rhythm de l’océan et le son du vent et le rire des humains . Mon esprit est ouvert au desire de créer et de jouer. C’est une ouverture qui restera avec moi pour toujours come fondation d’une nouvelle étape de ma vie un retour a l’innocence.