The Source

Meeshaa is the source of big feminine energy; she embodies pure strength, moves with joy and playfulness, communicates through her eyes, nurtures every wound. She holds space for vulnerability, for raw expression, for full acceptance and unconditional love. She is the inspiring mother protector at the front line of all difficulty; she carries me on her back when I can no longer fly, she reminds me that it is okay to rest, that my fragility is not a weakness, that I am everything I see in her that I Am Meeshaa. 

The Reason

IamMeeshaa is a culmination of the ongoing teachings from all those closest to me who have passed on: my Grandfather Johanna, and Great Grandmother Mercedes, Meeshaa, Harry, Cody, Myllo, Zebra, and others not known by name who continue to guide me and help me connect with contemplating my time here living, dying, and birthing while remembering purpose, connection, freedom, and love. Through grief, I have found healing thorugh deepening my connection to energy healing and herbal medicine to remember IamMeeshaa, and I am here with a purpose and drive to reclaim freedom and sovereignty, heal, and be healed.

Johanna Mercedes IamMeeshaa

My name is Johanna Mercedes. Iameeshaa is a container for me to fully express myself and the wholeness of my essence through various creations.

Plantago Major Oil is all about feeling and embracing my wild woman and reclaiming my primal nature. Plantago Major Oil shares a glimpse to my wild, primal, free, and untamed essence and aims to support others in unleashing their primal essence through connecting to Earth medicine. 

Zingiber Officinalis Oil ((Zoo)  is all about feeling and embracing my fierce and driven nature.  Zoo shares a glimpse to my sophisticated, wise, courageous and fierce essence and aims to share that feeling of refreshed,  and focused with others to stimulate drive and passion. Zoo really connects me to my business woman essence who inspires me and amazes me in her ability to dream, create, vision, and see magic through! and also bridge the realms of business and authentic essence.

Theobroma cacao oil is all about connecting to my sensual self probably the most significant breakthrough i have had from realms of captivity is coming back to my body and allowing it to experience is joy and beauty the livelihood of pleasure, of ecstacy, of birth, of creation through connection, trust, safety, liberty , and autonomy of my body, my essence, my sexuality, my freedom to feel, express, and be.

My passion is being in nature and with plants and learning and creating alongside them. I enjoy putting myself out there, trying new things, and learning from my experience, dreams, successes, failures, and mistakes.

The plants are my greatest teachers and teach with pure honesty, and I have no choice but to be often humbled and humiliated or blown away and so proud. I am glad to be a student remembering our deep connection.

I am a certified reiki practitioner in Usui and soon Kemetic healing and a herbalist in training through the Indigolden Herbal Academy with teacher Jenelyse Woolery. I have mentored with Barb Hinde and learned professional herb processing, Céline Cuevas where I learned professional herbal infusion methods, and Hughes where I learned traditional land cultivating practices. 

I am a graduate of the University of Waterloo in Environment and Business and also offer freelance writing services for entreprenurs and creatives. I grew up between Ontario and BC. I was born in Timmins and shortly after moved to a remote gulf island where my mom built a cabin and we lived off grid. From there we moved to Pemberton, Matagami, Kipawa, and Mattawa. I consider my home bases to be between Pemberton, North Bay, and Guadeloupe. I love to travel but I am also yearning and working towards creating a home base in each of these areas.

IamMeeshaa Creations

We have a select variety of creations solar infusing seasonally in small batches. Check out our store to see what is in stock!

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